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 COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions 
 COVID-19 Winter 2021 Pass/Not Pass FAQ's 
 COVID-19 Fall 2020 Pass/Not Pass FAQ's 
 COVID-19 Spring and Summer 2020 Pass/Not Pass FAQ's 
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Office of the University Registrar COVID-19 FAQS

Revised: 4 January 2021

Additional information can be found on the main campus's FAQ page.

Winter 2021

  • Can I take any course I want P/NP?
    • No. With the exception of Writing 37, 39A, and 39AP, the Academic Senate at UCI has ended adjustments to the existing undergraduate regulations on Pass/Not Pass grades (P/NP). For Winter 2021, grading status can only be changed through the sixth week of instruction: February 12.
    • You can find the existing regulations at

    Fall 2020

    • Can I take a class P/NP during the Fall 2020 quarter?
      • Yes, the Academic Senate has authorized adjustments for the Fall 2020 term.
    • How will I enroll in Fall 2020 courses?
      • You will enroll using WebReg as normal. Fall window assignments will be available on May 11.
    • Will Fall 2020 instruction be in person or remote?
      • With the exception of a handful of classes, undergraduate instruction will be entirely remote. Some graduate classes will be held in person.
    • How do I know if a class is remote or not?
      • The Schedule of Classes will show “VRTL REMOTE” for remote courses or a specific classroom for in-person courses in the “Place” field.
      • The list of in-person undergraduate courses is as follows; if you don’t see your school listed, they have no in-person classes this term.
      • School of Arts
         • DRAMA 144
         • DRAMA 177
      • School of Engineering
         • Engineering Senior Design: EECS 159A (Lab Only); ENGRMAE 189
         • CBE 140A (Lab Only)
         • EECS 160LA
         • EECS 170LA
         • ENGRMAE 93
      • School of Nursing
         • NUR SCI 112LA
         • NUR SCI 130
         • NUR SCI 132
      • Division of Undergraduate Education
         • ROTC 10L
         • ROTC 11
         • ROTC 21
         • ROTC 100L
         • ROTC 131
         • ROTC 141
    • How will I know if a course is being taught synchronously or asynchronously?
      • Faculty will provide an early indication of their delivery model on their syllabi.
    • I signed up for a course in a specific time slot; what will happen if my instructor wants to change the time for a synchronous class?
      • While instructors may change class time with the agreement of students, students have the right to access synchronous courses at the times they signed up for. If a new time doesn’t work for you, reach out to your instructor to discuss options.
    • How will concurrent enrollment be handled?
    • What accessibility resources are available for online instruction and remote courses?

    Summer Session 2020

    • Will Summer Session 2020 courses be remote?
      • Summer courses are being taught remote and online. See the Summer Session website at

    Tuition and Fees

    • Will there be a reduction in tuition or fees due to the transition to remote instruction?
      • No. You can find this information on the UC Office of the President’s website:
      • Some or all instruction for all or part of Academic Year 2020-21 may be delivered remotely. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the Academic Year.


    • I am planning to graduate in the in the Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 quarter; will any of these changes impact when I get my degree?
      • Probably not. All UCI’s departments, schools, and programs are working hard to accommodate graduating students so there will be no delay in awarding of degrees. Contact your academic advisor if you plan to graduate in Summer or Fall and have questions about completing your degree. Due to volume, allow your academic advisor between five and seven days to respond.
    • I think I will earn Latin honors; will these changes impact me?
      • There is currently no expectation of a delay in assigning Latin honors.


    • Can I get a copy of my unofficial transcript with my name on it?
      • StudentAccess’ unofficial transcript page has been modified to include your name and UCI ID number.

    Academic Progress and Review

    • Will these changes impact my academic progress?
      • There is currently no expectation of campuswide delays in reviewing academic progress, either by academic advisors or the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

    Financial Aid

    International Students