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UC Irvine Aldrich Park

Building Abbreviations & Classroom Descriptions

For General Assignment Classroom descriptions, seating charts, and locations, please visit Classroom Technology Support.

For building locations, please visit RoomFinder or view the campus map.

SOCBldg #Name on Campus Map
ACT727Art, Culture & Technology
AIRB653Anteater Instruction & Research Building
AITR714Arts Instruction & Technology Resource Center
ALH111Aldrich Hall
APL94Air Pollution Labs
ARAN522Arts Annex
ARBO96Arboretum (North Campus)
ARC680Anteater Recreation Center
ART722Art Studio
BH802Berk Hall
BIMO515Bison Modular
BLI817Beckman Laser Institute
BOAT Boat House
BRL512Bonney Research Laboratory (CNLM)
BS3519Biological Sciences III
CD90Child Development Center (North Campus)
CH903Crawford Hall
CNLM Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
            BRL512Bonney Research Laboratory
            QRL506Qureshey Research Laboratory
CRCC103Cross-Cultural Center
CRH417Croul Hall
CTT711(Claire) Trevor Theatre
CV Campus Village
DBH314(Donald) Bren Hall
DRA715Drama Building
DS713Dance Studios
ECT317Engineering & Computing Trailer
EDUC3Education Building
EG321 Engineering Gateway
EH308 Engineering Hall
ELF323Engineering Laboratory Facility
ELH305Engineering Lecture Hall
ET303Engineering Tower
FARMSCHOOL626Farm School/Red Barn
FRF95 Faculty Research Facility (North Campus)
FRH401(Frederick) Reines Hall
GNRF837Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility
HG611Humanities Gateway
HH601Humanities Hall
HIB610Humanities Instructional Building
HICF523Humanities Interim Classroom Facility
HRH843Hewitt Research Hall
HSLH501(Howard) Schneiderman Lecture Hall
IAB625Intercollegiate Athletics Building
ICF315Interim Classroom Facility
ICS302Information & Computer Science
ICS2304Information & Computer Science II
IH835Irvine Hall
KH600Krieger Hall
LAW4Law Building
LLIB102Langson Library
MAB58Mesa Arts Building
MDE311McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium
MH503McGaugh Hall
MM726Music & Media Building
MPAA2Multipurpose Academic and Administrative Building
MS1810Medical Surge I
MS2812Medical Surge II
MS-A813Medical Sciences A
MS-B811Medical Sciences B
MS-C821Medical Sciences C
MS-D825Medical Sciences D
MS-E827Medical Sciences E
 833Medical Sciences Classroom Facility
MSTB415Multipurpose Science & Technology Building
NS1517Natural Sciences I
NS2402Natural Sciences II
PCB403Parkview Classroom Building
PH829Plumwood House
PSCB413Physical Sciences Classroom Building
PSLH411Physical Sciences Lecture Hall
PSTU728Performance Studios
QRL506Qureshey Research Laboratory (CNLM)
REC311Rockwell Engineering Center
RH400Rowland Hall
SAIL Sail Base
SB221Merage School of Business
SC CCA113Student Center Crystal Cove Auditorium
SCS720Sculpture and Ceramic Studios
SE210Social Ecology I
SE2215Social Ecology II
SH502Steinhaus Hall
SLIB520Science Library
SPH839Sprague Hall
SS1105Student Services I
SS2105Student Services II
SSH200Social Science Hall
SSL202Social Science Laboratory
SSLH212Social Science Lecture Hall
SSPA211Social Science Plaza A
SSPB213Social Science Plaza B
SST201Social Science Tower
SSTR203Social Science Trailer
STU4725Studio Four
TBA To be arranged
UCI BARN626Farm School/Red Barn
UCI MC UCI Medical Center
UNEXA231University Extension A
WSH710(Winifred) Smith Hall