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Notice to students regarding WebReg:

You may have been impacted by system slowdowns in addition to full outages of WebReg this week. The system is being hit by multiple student-written bot programs designed to ping classes continuously in an effort to identify any seats that open up. The traffic level created by the bots is more than the system can handle; full outages occurred this past Monday and Tuesday night around seven pm, when enrollment opened to all students, the typical moment of peak activity during an enrollment period. You may be seeing messages indicating the maximum number of users have been reached; that contact with the system has been lost; that your record is currently in use; in addition to notices of internal server errors.

Multiple IT units, including IT security, are working together to identify bot programs and shut them down as quickly as possible, then identify the individuals connected to the bots. That said, it is possible we may experience more outages this week, likely around seven pm.

I understand how frustrating this must be, particularly given the proximity of final exams. Please accept my assurances we are doing everything we can to maintain an appropriate level of service to you and your fellow students.

For those of you who feel you lost access to a class due to an internal server error, we *may* be able to provide some assistance. Please contact our help desk at If you have a screenshot of the error message, please include it.

I will keep you apprised of any changes to the situation. Messaging within the WebReg system may be limited; please use the supported entry point to WebReg as other links may be taken offline during our efforts to restore service. We will also be posting updates on our main website.

Elizabeth Bennett
University Registrar
UC Irvine


Notices and Upcoming Deadlines:


Thursday & Friday, November 28 & 29: Thanksgiving Holiday; campus offices closed.


Friday, December 6, 5 p.m.: Begin submitting final grades for Fall 2019 via WebGrades.

Thursday, December 19, 5 p.m.: Deadline to submit final grades for Fall 2019 via WebGrades.

Who We Are:

Registrar (rej • ə • strär)
an official in a college or university who is responsible for maintaining student records, issuing reports of grades, distributing official publications, etc.

The University Registrar aims to provide academic support services in an atmosphere of prompt, accurate, and friendly service to the campus community.