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    The Registrar's Office is the official custodian of student academic records and, upon request, will provide official verification of specific information for graduate and undergraduate students. An official verification produced by the Office of the Registrar will include the embossed University Seal and the signature of the University Registrar.


    Information we will Verify

    Public information may be verified without student authorization.
    Private information will only be verified with student authorization.

    The Registrar's Office also provides loan deferment verifications.

    Continuing Education Students should contact the UCI Division of Continuing Education by email at for both education and certificate verification.

    Full Time Status for Verification Purposes

    For fall, winter, and spring quarters enrollment in:

    • 12.0 units or more is considered full-time status
    • 6.0 through 11.9 units is considered half-time status
    • 5.9 units or less is considered less than half-time status

    For Summer Session enrollment in:

    • 6.0 units between all three summer sessions is considered full-time

    Fees for Verifications

    Beginning Fall 2018, academic verifications are available for no fee for students who attend or attended UC Irvine as an undergraduates, a Ph.d student or a student in one of the following professional degree programs: Law, Medicine, Master of Science-Biomedical and Translational Science, Full-time MBA, Master of Public Health, Master of Public Policy, Master of Science-Biotechnology Management, Master of Science-Engineering Management, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

    Students in self-supporting-fee graduate programs not listed above are still charged $17 per verification letter.

    Enrollment Verifications for an Upcoming Term

    The following situation occurs most often when requesting enrollment verifications during summer for the upcoming Fall term.

    Verification of enrollment cannot be made until you have officially registered as a student. Registration at UCI consists of two separate steps that must first be completed to be officially registered:

    • enrollment in classes
    • payment of fees

    If you require verification of enrollment for the upcoming term and are not yet officially registered because you have not yet paid fees for that term, the Registrar’s Office will provide an enrollment request verification.

    An enrollment request verification will state:

    • the total number of units you submitted for enrollment for the upcoming term
    • that 12 or more units in a term is considered full-time student status
    • that official registration will be complete once fees for the upcoming term have been paid
    • the fee payment deadline date
    • the beginning and end date of the upcoming term

    Degree Verifications for Employers and Background Screening Firms

    UCI has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse, to provide companies with instant online verifications of a job applicant's college degree(s) awarded by UCI, or attendance. The fee for this service is $19.50 for Retail and Corporate Level Users and $18.00 for Colleague Level Members. Fees may be paid by quarterly invoice or pre-authorized credit card payment.

    Dean of Students Certifications (Disciplinary Clearance)

    A Dean of Students Certification (or disciplinary clearance) is verification that you, as a former or current UCI student, have not violated any University policies or been subject to any disciplinary actions or proceedings. This letter of clearance is usually requested by law schools, medical schools, travel abroad programs, state bar associations, government agencies or independent agencies when applying for admissions or employment.

    A Dean of Students Certification is provided by the Office of Student Conduct *not* the Registrar's Office. The certification does not verify academic information.

    Instructions on obtaining a Dean of Students Certification, including fees, are available on the Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct website.