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    Public Information

    The following information is considered public and may be verified without student authorization (unless the student has restricted the release of this information):

    • student's name
    • address (campus email, local, and/or permanent) and telephone numbers
    • date and place of birth
    • major field of study, dates of attendance, number of course units in which enrolled, degrees and honors received
    • class level
    • enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate or graduate, full-time or part-time)
    • photo
    • most recent previous educational institution attended
    • participation in officially recognized activities, including intercollegiate athletics
    • name, weight, and height of participants on intercollegiate university athletic teams

    Private Information

    The following information will only be verified with student authorization:

    • student ID number
    • social security number
    • GPA
    • grades
    • number of units completed
    • courses taken or in progress*
    • student's schedule
    • residency classification
    • status of application for graduation

    *This includes the current term and immediate future term. Verification of courses taken during a previous term is limited to the most recent term on the student's academic record. If additional terms are required, the student is advised to order an academic transcript.

    Verifications for terms prior to Fall 1990 will require additional time to produce. Verifications for Summer Session terms prior to 1994 will require additional time to produce.

    Student Authorization

    Student authorization consists of:

    • valid photo ID presented by the student when making a verbal verification request or when requesting a "hand carry" verification
    • student's signature on a mailed verification request
    • a letter signed by the student including the specific name of the person authorized to obtain the verification on their behalf
      • The authorized person must present a valid photo ID. Therefore "my mom" or "my friend" will not be sufficient.