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Official registration at UCI consists of two separate steps that must be completed in order to be officially registered:

  • enrollment in classes
  • payment of tuition and fees

The Registrar's Office can provide you with a current class receipt showing that you are registered, once your enrollment in classes and payment of tuition and fees have both been completed.

It is against Academic Senate policy (SR 542 and IR 340) for you to attend classes before paying tuition and fees and enrolling.

Enrollment in classes

You may enroll in classes by logging in to WebReg with your UCInetID and password from any computer that has access to the internet and a web browser.

Enrollment Window

Once your enrollment window opens, you have 48 hours of full access before you are restricted to non-primetime access (7:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m.) while enrollment windows open for other students on an established priority basis. Check the Quarterly Calendar to view enrollment periods and other important dates.

Before Enrolling

You are urged to seek and follow the academic advising directions of your school or program.  You may obtain advice on courses, requirements, and plan a course of study with your academic advisor before enrolling in classes.

You are urged to study the degree requirements and the description of courses offered; both are published in the UCI General Catalogue.

Some courses are subject to pre-testing before enrolling. Placement testing dates are available on the UCI Academic Testing Center webpage.

Payment of tuition and fees

During the registration period, you may enroll in classes before paying tuition and fees. However, tuition and fees must be paid on time in order to avoid being dropped from classes.

For detailed information related to paying tuition and fees, visit these links:

Loss of Student Status

The final deadline for paying tuition and fees late and/or enrolling late is Friday, 4 p.m. at the end of the third week of instruction. Failing to pay tuition and fees and enroll by this final deadline will result in the loss of student status.