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UC Irvine Aldrich Park

Law Transcript Notations

    The University of California, Irvine School of Law opened in August 2009 on the semester system. Minimum full-time enrollment is 12 units. The following information is offered to assist in the evaluation of this student's academic record.


    Letter Grade:   Grade points:  
        (per unit)  

    A+, A, A-   4.3, 4.0, 3.7  
    B+, B, B-   3.3, 3.0, 2.7  
    C+, C, C-   2.3, 2.0, 1.7  
    D   1.0  
    F   0.0 No unit credit awarded.
    S ...Satisfactory 0.0 Equivalent to a grade C- or better. Not calculated in the GPA.
    U ...Unsatisfactory 0.0 Equivalent to a grade D or lower. Not calculated in the GPA.
    I ...Incomplete 0.0 Coursework still in progress.
    IP ...In Progress 0.0 Multiple term course, graded upon completion.
    NR ...No Report 0.0 No grade submitted by instructor or an unresolved discrepancy in course enrollment.



    SU ...Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Course taken for credit only.
    U1 ...Graduate Coursework Does not apply towards law degree GPA.
    WC ...Workload Credit Only Does not apply toward graduation.


    Additional information on law school awards can be found at the law school website:


    Law students are normally subject to academic probation if at the end of the first year or any subsequent
    semester their cumulative grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.5 beginning with students who matriculated
    in or after August 2015, or 2.0 for students who matriculated before August 2015.


    The School of Law does not rank its student body.