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DegreeWorks Information Page

    1. Disclaimer
    2. Label Descriptions
    3. Other Considerations
    4. Exceptions
    5. What-If Analysis
    6. Contact

    1. Disclaimer

    You are encouraged to use this degree audit report as a guide in constructing your academic plan to complete the requirements for your degree program and to track your progress toward your degree. When you change your major, exceptions may not always apply to the new major. GPA and unit counts on your degree audit do not reflect your actual totals or all required GPAs. Actual GPA and unit counts may be found on your unofficial transcript in StudentAccess. Contact your academic counselor to confirm your academic plan and to receive assistance in interpreting this report.

    Your degree audit is not the official certification of your degree. Official certification of your degree is determined by your academic counseling office and is reported to the University Registrar for posting to your UCI academic record. Contact your academic counselor to confirm your progress towards degree completion and the University Registrar for copies of your transcript.

    2. Label Descriptions

    In each Card in your Degree Audit, there are four different labels that tell you your progress towards completion.

    • Complete – Your requirements have been completed.

    • Incomplete – Your requirements have not been completed.

    • In-Progress – If you pass your in-progress (IP) classes, these requirements will be completed.

    • See Advisor – Unmet conditions for this set of requirements. Usually indicates that you have not met the minimum units required or the minimum GPA required.

    3. Other Considerations

    In-Progress (IP) Classes

    Two toggles are provided for students to view their In-Progress (IP) classes. The Current Term toggle allows you to include or exclude in-progress (IP) classes for the current term. The Future Term toggle allows you to include or exclude in-progress (IP) classes for future terms that have not yet begun.

    Repeat classes that are in-progress (IP) may be temporarily applied twice on a requirement/unit count and will be corrected when those classes are assigned grades. You have the option to view your audit without your in-progress (IP) classes by toggling the checkboxes at the top of the page.

    Repeat Classes

    Your audit may not have an accurate GPA/unit count if you have more than 16 units of repeat classes. Your transcript on StudentAccess will have the accurate GPA/unit count. Follow up with your academic advisor in the school of your major if you still have questions regarding your GPA/Unit count.

    Transfer Classes

    Transfer classes are prefixed with a (T) in front of the department/subject name. Transfer classes are not applied automatically to degree requirements. They are manually applied by your academic counselor via exceptions. To request an exception, contact an academic advisor in the school of your major. Transfer units/credits do not display on the course. Instead, total transfer credits are displayed as a line item in the Electives section and added to your overall unit count in DegreeWorks.

    4. Exceptions

    Exceptions are used when a course does not automatically apply to a requirement, or when a course can be used in the place of a required course. To request an exception, contact an academic advisor in the school of your major.

    5. What-If Analysis

    The What-If Analysis tool can be used to explore how your completed courses could apply to a different area of study. For more details about changing your major, contact the academic advising office for the major you are interested in. Reminder: The What-If Analysis tool is not your official DegreeWorks audit.

    For proper use of this tool, make sure to select the following (*required):

    1. Catalogue year * - the default value is the catalogue year of your current major.
    2. Degree type * - this must match with the What-If major you will select.
    3. Level * - the default value is undergraduate level.
    4. Major * - select major that you would like to apply your completed classes to.
    5. Minor - select minor that you would like to apply your completed classes to.
    6. School - select the corresponding school for the major you selected. This will include the required School Requirements for the What-if major you selected.
    7. Humanities Core/Core Alt - use only if you are selecting a Humanities major. You must select the appropriate Humanities Core/Core Alt that matches the What-if major you selected.
    8. Click Process.

    The What-If Analysis tool should only be used for one major at a time. Double majors may show inaccurate information. You can contact an academic advisor for more information about course requirements for double majors.

    The What-If Analysis tool will not apply classes that require a manual application of the classes (exceptions). You can contact an academic advisor for more information regarding transfer work or majors with classes that require the school's approval.

    Future Classes
    For planning and registration purposes, students may use the Future Classes tool to view how a course would apply to their current DegreeWorks audit. In the Future Classes menu, type in the subject code and the course number. Then, click on the Add button to view how the course would apply to your audit.

    6. Contact

    Questions about your major requirements, applying exceptions, and graudation should be directed to an academic advisor in the school of your major.