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Grading Policy (Students)

Academic Senate regulations related to grades and credit can be found under Part II of the Irvine Division in the Academic Senate manual.

Selected information, with references to Academic Senate regulations, is noted below.

Incomplete (I)
The grade Incomplete (I) may be assigned when a student's work is of passing quality but is incomplete for good cause. The student must make arrangements with their instructor to complete the coursework within a period of no more than 12 months following the term in which the grade Incomplete was originally awarded, or prior to the end of the quarter immediately preceding award of the degree, whichever comes first. The instructor is not obligated to allow the maximum time period. The student should not reenroll in the course to make up the Incomplete.

Incomplete (I) grades will convert to a failing grade (F), not pass (NP), or unsatisfactory (U), whichever is appropriate, after remaining on the student's record for 12 months, as governed by Irvine Academic Senate Regulation IR A345.

Prior to Fall 2010
Incomplete grades on a student's record prior to Fall 2010 are not subject to the conversion to an F, NP, or U grade as governed by IR A345, section F. Incomplete grades on a student's record prior to Fall 2010 have no grade points but are treated as an F, NP, or U grade when calculating a student's grade point average for degree certification. If you are unsure of your grade point average, contact your academic counselor.

In Progress (IP)
The IP grade may be assigned for the intervening quarters of an approved sequential course where the evaluation of the student's performance is deferred to the end of the final quarter. (IR A345)

No Report (NR)
The Registrar will assign an NR when a final grade is not submitted by the instructor. NRs may be removed within one quarter or changed to a grade by the instructor provided a clerical or procedural error has occurred. The student's NR becomes a final grade of F, NP, or U (depending on which grade option the student enrolled under) after one quarter of subsequent attendance. (IR A345)

Pass/Not Pass (P/NP)
May be assigned only when a student is officially enrolled with the pass/not pass (P/NP) option, which will be noted on class rosters and the final grade course report. (IR A350)

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U)
S or U may be assigned for certain graduate work of graduate students, with the approval of the Graduate Council. (IR 355)

Note: Students who enroll in a class and then cease to attend without actually dropping the class may be assigned a No Report (NR) or Failure (F). Academic Schools or Programs may have a policy for this situation; please check with the applicable Academic Advising Office.