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    You must apply for readmission if you are a student who wishes to return to UCI after:

    • withdrawing from a quarter of enrollment; or
    • a period of absence of one or more quarters; or
    • the loss of student status by not paying tuition and fees or not enrolling in classes by the end of the third week of instruction.

    Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

    Undergraduate Students

    New Students

    New undergraduate students who cancel registration, withdraw, or lose student status at the end of the third week of their first quarter must reapply to UCI; they are not eligible to file for readmission as above.

    Continuing Students
    Graduation in Absentia

    In order to graduate after a period of absence from the university, you must graduate in absentia. To graduate in absentia, you must apply to graduate through StudentAccess. Upon degree certification, which takes place six weeks after the end of the quarter, a Graduation in Absentia filing will be submitted for you. You will not be subject to tuition and fees. You will be required to pay the readmission fee only if your period of absence was for more than one certifying term.

    Second Baccalaureates

    If upon completion of a degree program at UCI you wish to pursue a second baccalaureate degree at UCI, you must apply for readmission. Follow the same procedure as outlined for continuing students.

    If you have completed a degree at another institution but have attended UCI as an undergraduate during a regular academic quarter, you must apply for readmission and follow the same procedure as outlined for continuing students.


    Readmission filing deadlines are as follows:

    • Fall quarter: August 1
    • Winter quarter: November 1
    • Spring quarter: February 1

    The Winter and Spring deadlines allow you to enroll in classes with continuing students. For the Fall quarter, it is recommended that you readmit by May 1 in order to enroll with continuing students.

    At each dean's discretion, readmission may be approved after the published deadline.

    Graduate Students

    If you are a graduate student who has previously withdrawn from the University, or whose student status has lapsed, and you wish to return to UCI you should:

    Additional Information

    $70 non-refundable charge for readmission

    Once the readmission application is approved, the $70 non-refundable charge will appear on the student's ZOTBill account the following business day.

    Students will be unable to pay the $70 charge in person or online until it appears on their ZOTBill account.

    Students admitted by two or more schools will be charged only one $70 fee if all approvals are completed before the end of the third week of instruction.

    Students who do not complete their registration and lose their student status at the end of the third week of instruction and are readmitted for the same term will need a new application and will be required to pay the $70 charge again.


    Major information in DegreeWorks will be updated the following business day.

    Enrollment Windows

    Once the readmission/second baccalaureate is approved, an enrollment window will be created within two minutes if the readmission is for a term that is in session or within the registration period.

    Enrollment window information can be viewed by the student through StudentAccess or WebReg. Faculty and staff may view enrollment information by accessing the "Enrollment" page of WebAdmin.

    Enrollment windows for future terms will be generated, usually at the end of the fifth week of instruction, when continuing students are assigned enrollment windows.

    Major Changes

    Major changes will occur within two minutes of the readmission/second baccalaureate approval for a term that is currently in session. Major changes for future terms will be displayed on the student's academic record one business day following the final grade update for the term that is in session. For example, if a Fall 2009 readmission is approved during Spring 2009, the major change will display on the student's academic record after one business day after Spring 2009's final grade update.

    For registration purposes, the major change will be effective the day of approval to allow enrollment into courses with major/school restrictions for the readmitted term.