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Tuition and Fees Reduction for Staff and Academic Employees


Students, who are career employees at UCI, UCI Medical Center, or another University of California campus, are eligible for a two-thirds reduction of the Student Services fee, the University Tuition and Fees, and campus-based fees. This applies for up to 9 units or 3 regular session university courses per quarter, whichever provides the greatest benefit. The Registrar's Office is responsible for producing a waiver on an approved Employee Application for Reduced Fees.

Examples of what is permitted:

  • 3 courses totaling 9 units
  • 3 courses totaling 9.5 units
  • 3 courses totaling 12 units
  • 4 courses totaling 9 units
  • 5 courses totaling 9 units

Examples of what is not permitted:

  • 4 courses totaling 9.5 units
  • 4 courses totaling 10 units


  1. Employees must follow the university application process and be accepted for admission in a UCI degree program in order to receive this fee reduction.
  2. Approval of the Employee Application for Reduced Fees is for one quarter only. A new application must be completed for each quarter the student desires reduced tuition and fees.
  3. A student who files an application is not eligible to receive a tuition and fees reduction for part-time status also, and vice versa.
  4. Graduate level courses are subject to taxation. The Technical and Miscellaneous Reform Act of 1998 (TAMRA) has several areas which could impact a UCI employee who receives reduced fees and/or financial assistance for various courses. University of California undergraduate courses do not fall within TAMRA's provisions.
  5. Full-time, career status employees who wish to attend UCI Continuing Education courses (excludes Concurrent Enrollment) receive a reduction in the tuition and fees for some courses. Current UCI Continuing Education policies apply.


1. Review the PPSM 51 Employee Reduced Fees website.

  • Review educational programs that are NOT eligible.
  • Review employment requirements.
  • Obtain the Employee Application for Reduced Fees.

2. Complete the form.

3. Obtain signatures.

  • For Staff employees:
    • Human Resources representative.
  • For Academic Employee:
    • Department chair; and
    • Vice Provost.
  • For employees of another UC campus:
    • Signatures must be obtained on your home campus in addition to the signatures required on the UC Irvine campus.

4. Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office.

5. Pay tuition and fees to the Central Cashier (228 Aldrich Hall) by the fee payment deadline. (Employee is required to pay one third of the Student Services Fee, Tuition and Fees, and campus-based fees, and the full cost of health insurance.)