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    The total of tuition and fees due will be billed to you through ZOTBill. Questions about your ZOTBill, account balances, or payment should be directed to or (949) 824-2455.

    You will be notified via email when your monthly ZOTBill information and current account balances are available for viewing on your ZOT Account Online. There, you will be able to view your tuition and fee assessment and financial aid funding.

    Fees required for labs or studio courses will be added to your ZOTBill.

    Pay your tuition and fees early in order to avoid any confusion that may result from late payment. Check the Quarterly Calendar for the dates of the registration period and fee payment deadline.

    Zot Account Online

    To use your ZOT Account Online it is imperative that you:

    • activate your UCInetID; and
    • review your messages in your UCI mailbox; and
    • maintain your mailbox and prevent it from getting full. (If your mailbox is full, important messages, such as ZOTBills, cannot be delivered.)

    Academic and Financial Holds

    Certain types of holds placed on the student's record will prevent a ZOTBill from being generated.

    If you have not been notified by Campus Billing Services that a current ZOTBill is available for viewing and you believe you should have one available:

    Holds that remain on your record at the fee payment deadline can result in your classes being dropped.

    Tuition and Fees Deassessment

    If you are billed for tuition and fees and will not be attending UCI for that quarter, you must notify the Registrar's Office and request a tuition and fees deassessment. You may make this request:

    • in person
    • via email
    • by phone