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Concurrent Enrollment

Enrollment in undergraduate and graduate UCI courses is available without formal admission to a degree granting program through the Division of Continuing Education's Concurrent Enrollment program.

Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught by UCI faculty, carry university credit and may count toward a degree. Enrollment requires permission of the course instructor and/or department and is contingent on space being available after all matriculated UCI students have been enrolled.

Concurrent Enrollment courses are available during fall, winter, and spring quarters. During summer contact Summer Session.

Enrollment is administered by the Division of Continuing Education. Visit the Division of Continuing Education website for further information.

Transferring Concurrent Enrollment Courses to your UCI Academic Record

Units, grade points, and course titles, for courses taken through Concurrent Enrollment* may be transferred to the academic record for students who:

  • Have matriculated to UCI and, after an absence, has an approved Application for Readmissions/2nd Baccalaureate or has filed to graduate in absentia.**
  • Are new freshmen.
  • Have taken courses through IUPP, applied to the University, and has paid the SIR fee.

Students who meet these criteria must submit their sealed official Continuing Education transcript, containing the Concurrent Enrollment course(s), to the University Registrar. All courses taken through Concurrent Enrollment will be included on the UCI academic record (transcript). Students may not select specific courses or terms to exclude when submitting their Continuing Education transcript.

*This applies only to Concurrent Enrollment courses taken during the Winter 2009 term or later.

**Former Students (Applies to Courses after Winter 2009 Only)

Courses taken through Concurrent Enrollment cannot be posted to your UC transcript until you have been readmitted. Initiate the readmission process by submitting a transcript of your Concurrent Enrollment coursework to your academic advising office. If your school agrees to readmit you, send a sealed official Continuing Education transcript of your Concurrent Enrollment coursework to the University Registrar. The University Registrar will post the course(s) to your record.