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    Explanation of Co-Classes

    Certain courses consist of multiple class components which must be taken concurrently. These are known as co-classes for short. The primary component of a course will carry units for all classes making up the complete course. Secondary components carry zero units.

    The most common primary component of a course with co-classes is the lecture (LEC). Common secondary units are discussions and labs (DIS/LAB).

    Enrolling in Co-Classes

    You must enroll in co-classes during the same enrollment session. WebReg will notify you of any required co-classes as shown in the example below.

    Adding a single component in a course requiring co-classes will only tentatively enroll you in the course or tentatively add you to the waitlist.

    If all secondary components (e.g., discussions or labs) are full, no one will be allowed to enroll in or waitlist the lecture.

    Failure to enroll in both co-classes before logging out of your enrollment session will result in both co-classes to be dropped from your schedule.

    Co-classes will be dropped if you are automatically logged out of WebReg. Possible reasons for automatic log out are:

    • period of inactivity
    • closing your browser without first logging out of WebReg
    • minimizing the WebReg window (not applicable to all browsers)

    Co-Class Mismatch

    Generally, you must select co-classes that are grouped together in the course listing section of the Schedule of Classes, such as Lecture A and its corresponding discussions

    You will receive an error message if you attempt to enroll in a section outside the grouping, such as lecture A and a discussion associated with lecture B.

    You are advised to add the primary component first, then the corresponding secondary component. For example: add the LEC before adding the DIS or LAB.

    Remember to enroll in co-classes during the same enrollment session before logging out.

    Switching Components of a Co-Class after the Second Week of Instruction

    If you decide you would like to enroll in a different zero (0.0) unit co-class, such as an alternate discussion you may perform a "Switch" enrollment transaction.

    • Switching components of a co-class is not permitted through WebReg. An Enrollment Exception Request must be submitted.
    • You may only switch between secondary components of zero unit courses that are linked to a course that has a unit value (more than zero units).

    To enroll in a new primary course component, you must drop all existing co-class components, prior to enrolling in the new primary component and any required secondary components.