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UC Irvine Aldrich Park

Course Prerequisite Eligibility Project - CPEP

    CPEP Data Submission: Batch or Online

    Batch Data Submission

    Hardware/software needed:
    Contact the Registrar's Office at (949)824-6124 for authorization information.


    CPEPs are valid until deleted.

    The data must be sent in the form of files. The file names should be in the form: DEPTABRV.NNN where:

    DEPTABRV = the 7 character abbreviation of the Dept. name as listed on WebSOC.

    NNN = a 3 digit sequence number which should be incremented for each new file

    Files are composed of records. Each record must contain the following data in this order:

    ACTION CD = a one-character abbreviation of the action required
    A = add the record
    D = delete the record

    • STUDENT # = the 8 digit student number
      Example: 12345678
    • DEPTABRV = the 7 character abbreviation of the Dept. name as listed on WebSOC.
      Example: CHEM
    • COURSE # = the course number as listed on WebSOC.
      Example: 101A (Do Not use the 5-digit course code.)
    • DATE = a optional date in YYMMDD format
      Example: 070301 (March 1, 2007)

    The record may contain one or more records (lines of data). Each line of the file is independent of the other lines, meaning that multiple students and multiple courses may be included in a single file.

    Two variations of record formatting will be accepted.

    1. Fixed Format:
        col 1 = ACTION CD
      • col 2-9 = STUDENT #
      • col 10-16 = DEPTABRV
      • col 17-21 = COURSE #
      • col 22-27 = DATE (YYMMDD)

    2. Format with Delimiters:
      Data elements must be in the required order with commas or tabs as delimiters. No leading or trailing zeros or spaces required.

    Files placed in your account will be processed every 10 minutes. Successfully processed files will have .done appended to the file name.

    Online Data Submission

    Hardware/software needed:
    A web browser, WebAdmin authorization, and CPEP authorization.

    Login to WebAdmin (your individual UCInetID and password are required). (Prior authorization to use CPEP is required. Contact the Registrar's Office at (949)824-6124 for authorization information.)


    Click on "Authorize Eligibility (CPEP)"; the CPEP screen will appear. It will accept the same data items which are required by the batch data submission (add or delete, student id, department abbreviation, course number, except for the date). When a student number is entered it will be validated against the student data base and the student name and affiliated school and major will be displayed. When department abbreviation and course number are entered they will be validated against the current schedule of classes data base. Click on Process to submit the transaction. You may then enter another student number and/or course.

    Click Logout to log out of the WebAdmin when you are done.